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Swish Hoops! in the Community
Tie your shoes, get your basketball and get ready to make a Swish! on the court and at your school!


The Swish Hoops! in the community program is a program that promotes a healthy lifestyle and benefits public, parochial, charter and private schools in South Florida. Schools will be able to raise money for various fundraising goals and projects through this program*.  Furthermore, because of budget cuts this program will be an exceptional compliment to certain schools’ P.E. programs. Swish Hoops! will also actively campaign against childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease, with special programs in the Swish Hoops! Basketball Academy. Schools that raise he most money will receive a free Swish Hoops! Clinic conducted by CEO/ Program Director Federico Brodsky**. 

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  • On-Site Clinics
  • Career Day Visits 
  • Fundraising Programs
  • Field Trips to Swish Hoops! Basketball 

To get started please contact Federico Brodsky at   or 786-356-7004.

*We have the right to deny, delay or cancel any registration, discount or fundraising program at anytime 
**Or other trained Swish Hoops! staff coach