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North Miami Beach
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Why us?

"This basketball program is proving to be an invaluable first time experience for our 9 year old. It is teaching him hustle, teamwork, camaraderie, discipline and more. The coaches and staff are professional and very importantly, seem genuine about helping all the participants. Thanks for a great program that seems to be the right fit for us!"
-Michelle C.

"What a great program! Organized and full of energy!! Loving it!! Thanks!! We have experience in three cities, so far the most organized!!"
-Katherine P.

"Swish Hoops! Basketball is a wonderful program providing children with fundamentals and game time experience. WE LOVE PLAYING BASKETBALL FOR SWISH HOOPS! @ THE JCC!!!"
-Marcy L.

"Simply put, it's the best Basketball program for all ages (male and female) and skill levels in the tri county. The facility, staff and organization are all top notch. As a result, the kids are the winners as they get good coaching, practice and the most competitve games in the area."
-Mike A.